The purpose of this page is to develop a complete inventory of Czech-related materials available in special collections in the Northeast Ohio area. This inventory will grow over time as students in Ursuline College classes find more materials.

Czech-Related Materials in Cleveland

At the Western Reserve Historical Society
Saturday, April 4 2009 the class went to the Western Reserve Historical Society to develop an inventory of materials related to the Czech community in Northeast Ohio. The Western Reserve Historical Society (WHRS) has extensive collections of manuscript, photographic, local newspapers, and rare printed materials as well as a collection of material objects. This is the first of several repositories classes will be visiting over the course of the year.

Manuscript Materials
Printed Materials

WRHS Online Catalogue

(M) 34 C9.3 088

Američan-Bohemians in Cleveland


Svoboda, Frank J1905

" "

(M) 34 C9.3 089

Svět Printing & Pub. Co 1911-1939

in Czech

" "

MS. 3706

Snajdr, Vaclav, 1847-1920 Publisher, notes and manuscripts

Czech and English

At the Cleveland Public Library

Mss. Materials
Printed Materials


Inventory Goal:
To identify archival resources and museum artifacts that will be valuable in researching and presenting a public history exhibit

Cleveland Public Library/ Map Collections
Reviewer Name:
Jessica R. Wobig
Date: April 29, 2009

Information Source
Collection Name and Brief Description, if needed
ex. Card catalog,

online catalog, etc.


Map Collection

MAP REF fG 1399. C5 S36 1896x VOL. 3B

Sanborne Fire Insurance Maps of Cleveland, 1896 to 1910

Sanborne Fire Insurance Map, Vol. III, Sheet 367

St. Wenceslaus R. C. Church

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 369

Broadway M.E. Church

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 372

A. Tucker Hand Barrels, 5301 Sweeney Ave. S.E.

Sanborne " ". Vol. III, Sheet 372

The Navarre Oil Company, 5112 Sweeney Ave. S. E.

Sanborne " ". Vol. III, Sheet 372

Tenement, 5415 Sweeney Ave. S.E.

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 371

Phaha Avenue

Pershing Avenue is formally known as Hollister Ave. S. E.

Sanborne " ". Vol. III, Sheet 373

Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway Avenue

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 373

Bethlehem Church, 5059 Broadway Avenue

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 374

Fowler School, built 1883

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 374

The Canfield Oil Company, 5234 Track Avenue

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 374

The Canfield Oil Company, Office, 3216 E. 55th (Willson Ave.)

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 374

German Lutheran, St. John's Church, E. 55th

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 374

St. Alexis Hospital, Broadway Avenue at Buetter Ct. and McBride Ave.

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 375

Moving Pictures, 5360- 5356 Broadway

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 375

Bowling Alley and Dance Hall, 5284 Broadway

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 375

Melzer Block, 5474-70, 5468, 5464, 5462 Broadway

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 376

Standard Oil Company, 3225 E. 55th (Willson)

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 380

Bohemian Church and Parochial School, E. 54th (Randolph)

Sanborne " ", Vol. III, Sheet 380

A. Zverina & Co. Chickory Factory

Sanborne " ". Vol. III, Sheet 381

St. John Evangelicaln Lutheran Church and School, Cable Ave.

Map Ref. G 1399.C5 H62 1912 v.1 pt.A

G.M. Hopkins Company 1912- 1915

Plat- Book of the City of Cleveland, Ohio, and Suburbs

Cleveland Volume 1. Plate 26., Section F, G, I,


Compiled by Peter Petretich
GENERAL OBSERVATIONS: White archival gloves required and provided at the desk, coat rack, pencils become very slippery when wearing the gloves, located 4th floor (north) in the new Cleveland Public Library Stokes building, lockers, pencils only (no pens of bags allowed), all photos I saw are B&W, pics separated by archival paper and sometimes closed in archival mylar sheets, Ms. Boyd and the other staff members were very helpful and approachable, for a quick bite to eat in the midst of research I would recommend the Domino’s Pizza across the street (next to the Christian Science Reading Room). Materials on (identifiable) Czech Jews were notably absent from the collection.

Folder: “Cleveland- People- Nationality Groups- Czech (16)”

  1. “Bohemian Night” at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Hall. Probate Judge Frank J. Merrick and a 16 year old girl in traditional Bohemian garb. Sponsors hoped to raise $3000 for the Holy Family Cancer Home. Judge Merrick was the “main speaker”. 18 NOV 1967
  2. “The Joint Committee for the Defense of Czechoslovak Democracy” opened its headquarters at 5642 Broadway. Pic is of Monsignor Oldrich Zlanal, Chairman, surrounded by several guys in suits and two ladies in dresses. 26 AUG 1938
  3. Several Czech girls “dressed in native costume” holding matching decorative embroidery. 23 Apr 1946
  4. “Women’s section of the Lumir-Hlahol Singing Society” the “Oldest Czech chorus in the country, organized 1867.” Eighteen women in pic. 1930’s?
  5. Vchelka (Czech Drama Society) dancers in rehearsal. Nine dancers in traditional garb, boys and girls together. 22 NOV 1957
  6. Older men and women in traditional garb promoting a vinyl LP record called “Bouquet of Bohemian Song”. 23 NOV 1969
  7. Two aspiring old ladies presenting a selection of “rich, flaky, Slovakian cookies. They are members of the General M. R. Stefanik Singing and Dramatic Club. Perhaps this was miscategorized? Undated
  8. A group of women in traditional costume, sitting on floor and smiling. 17 OCT 1952
  9. Man and woman in traditional costumes, casual attitude, he has a mustache. Event sponsored by “Sokol Nova Vlast” at the Ceska Sin Sokol Hall with “imported beer” and a brass band. 15 SEP 1966
  10. Czech woman in traditional costume, waving her finger and smiling. Undated
  11. Czech woman in traditional costume standing and holding a matching decorative. 21 JAN 1929
  12. Four smiling young Czech young women in traditional costume, apparently in the front row applauding. 23 AUG 1968
  13. The big sign reads “Czech Record Albums Sold Here”. Three older women in traditional costume are selling the “Bouquet of Songs from Bohemia” vinyl album. Flower on the table. Undated
  14. “Marie Chalyska” a Czech dance teacher in traditional costume. 22 NOV 1929
  15. Five women of diverse ages in traditional costumes. 04 AUG 1964
  16. Two women posing in traditional costumes, as if dancing (one in man’s costume, on in women’s costume). “Central YMCA”? 06 DEC 1927

Folder: “Masaryk, Tomas Garrigue”

16 posed photographs of his official activities as President of Czechoslovakia.

Folder: “Sidlo, Mrs. Thomas (20)”

  1. Mrs. Sidlo and Charles B. Merrill. “Cleveland Orchestra Fund Campaign.” (torn pic) 12 APR 1940
  2. Mrs Sidlo and Mrs Osbourne. 18 APR 1949
  3. “Children’s Theatre Committee” with Mrs. Sidlo. Charity tea. 07 FEB 1941
  4. Mrs. Sidlo smiling, candid. 14 NOV 1939
  5. Mrs. Sidlo (big smile, holding hardcover book). 09 APR 1946
  6. Gray-haired Mrs. Sidlo (still smiling, in dress and fur coat). 09 APR 1954
  7. Mrs. Sidlo greets Max Rudolf (a conductor). Fur coat, white gloves. 11 APR 1950
  8. Smiling Mrs. Sidlo, white gloves, evening gown. 14 APR 1952
  9. Mrs. Sidlo (smiling) greets Edward Johnson, General Manager of the NYC Metropolitan opera. 16 APR 1940
  10. Mrs. Sidlo (not smiling) with Mrs. Osbourne. Fur mini-coat. 06 OCT 1953
  11. Mrs. Sidlo (not smiling, leopard skin coat with matching pill box hat) looking at poster for “Eight O’Clock Tuesday: a Modern Murder Mystery” at the playhouse. 07 DEC 1939
  12. Four women supervised by Mrs. Sidlo planning for symphony club dance at Wade Park Manor. 12 OCT 1939
  13. Opening night at the Cleveland Orchestra’s 1940 season. White gown, white hand warmer. Mrs. Sidlo and Mrs Osbourne. “1800 in attendance” means it wasn’t a full house. 15 SEP 1940?
  14. Mrs. Sidlo (not smiling) with Mrs. Osbourne at “British War Relief Day Out”. 09 JUL 1941
  15. Mrs. Sidlo with Reginal Allen, Assistant Manager of NYC Metropolitan Opera (smiling, big fur coat). Undated
  16. Mrs. Sidlo (at home?) seated with fur coat looking over a NYC Metropolitan Opera tour program. Undated
  17. Mr. and Mrs. Sidlo in tux and evening gown at Severance Hall “as they came out of the box they shared with Newton D. Baker and the Carl N. Osbournes”. 25 OCT 1944
  18. Smiling Mrs. Sidlo washes tea cups with Mrs. Vosburgh. 22 SEP 1949
  19. Smiling Mrs. Sidlo standing by the fireplace with purse. 09 APR 1954
  20. Mrs. Sidlo and two ladies sitting at a jewelry polishing wheel. 25 JUN 1952

Mrs. Sidlow’s personal and birth names do not appear in these records. The finding aids always refer to as “Mrs. Thomas J. Sidlo 12574 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights”.

FOLDER: “Mr. Sidlo, Thomas L. (20)”

  1. Formal portrait (bust). 19 SEP 1949
  2. Mr. Sidlo gives $10,000 check to Edward Johnson (General Manager of the NYC Metreopolitan Opera). 15 DEC 1943
  3. Formal portrait (bust). 1935
  4. “Sidlo, a prominent Cleveland attorney…” (detail, bust only) 10 MAR 1934
  5. Mr. Sidlo “faces trial as tax dodger…” (full body, ourdoors) 10 MAR 1934
  6. Young Mr. Sidlo seated at his desk. 05 APR 1914
  7. Formal portrait (bust). 02 APR 1953
  8. Mr. Sidlo presenting a vinyl LP of LP of La Boheme. 14 MAY 1948
  9. Mr. Sidlo presenting a check to a representative of the anti-communist Chinese government. 1941?


At the Cuyahoga County Archives

At the Cleveland Catholic Diocese

At the Bohemian National Hall