The “Czech Your Public History” community outreach project is a unique experience for the entire Ursuline College community. It provides an opportunity for all departments to roll up their sleeves and work together in conjunction with the Czech-American community to interpret the Czech American experience in Cleveland, Ohio. Through exploration of documented heritage: faith, labor, family, schools, and elements of the built environment, we are hoping to create an immersion experience for our audience that will carry out further dialogue, connecting the present with the past memories of these unique and vibrant people. We hope to accomplish these goals through campus-wide events including: an art exhibit curated by the art history department as well as an interpretive public history exhibit tentatively entitled, "Mind, Body, Spirit: Building Bohemia in Cleveland" curated by the Graduate Historic Preservation and Undergraduate History Departments. These exhibits will be accompanied by programs and activities which may include a cultural dinner, fashion show, Czech-Hop, guest speakers, and artifact preservation presentation.