On April 29, 2009, students in HI 488/HIP 588 "Czech Your Public History" focused on narrowing themes for the exhibit, identifying the kinds of tasks that still needed to be done, and recommending which of the future courses working on the exhibit was the most suitable venue for these tasks. The following are their recommendations:

For Project Management (Summer 2009)

Exhibit Directions
Further Research (More Current)
Selecting Committee
Department Involvement—Business, Art, etc.
Additional Ideas
Where will each be in relation to theme? How will we correlate rooms to themes?

For Methods I (Fall 2009)

Note: Defined working title will help to weed out the best materials found on the Inventory of Repository for each institution
1. Diocesan Archives
a. Focus on (5) named churches to locate the following
i. Pastor
ii. Creation of building, construction, funding
iii. Activity within the neighborhood
iv. Enrollment in school – is there a school?
v. Convent present
vi. Rectory
2. Western Reserve Historical Society
a. Create annotated bibliography for items on Inventory of Repository
3. Cuyahoga County Archives
a. Name prominent Czech Clevelanders prior to visit
b. Use the archives to complete research on named individuals
4. Incorporate Bohemian National Hall history
5. Cleveland Public Library
a. Create annotated bibliography for Inventory of Repository
b. Check other departments for materials
6. Topics to Research
a. DTJ Taborville
b. Sokol
c. Little Bohemia
d. Slovak Village
e. Cultural differences between Czech, Bohemian, Slovak, etc.

For Ordinary Women in World History (Fall 2009)

Interviews of Women Activists
Sokol Greater Cleveland
4939 Broadway Ave, Cleveland OH 44127
(216) 883-0675

Betty Hosticka (Museum Director)
Wilma Smith (Fox 8 Newscaster)
Broadway Avenue Historic District
Czech Cultural Garden Association (CSU Memory Project) Dorothy Kral Cummings- Vice President
Ludmila Hyvnar -Secretary/Treasurer

For Modern Europe (Fall 2009)

Potential Projects and Research Questions
Make Timeline
Immigration—was it hard to leave?
The push factor
The connection from Americas to Czech (Sokol and international competitions)
European thoughts about the people who fled
Modern Day Impact
Reasons for split
Where everyone went
Culture, religion